Ebony is the common name for trees of the genus Diospyros, of the family of ebenaceae. These trees produce a noble wood and most of the time very dark and dense.

Of African origin, it is rare and endangered, it was widely used in the manufacture (in addition to instruments) of furniture and decorative objects.

Macassar’s ebony is also a very dark wood, but in general it is not as black as African ebony. It has light brown spots and is usually also called “Goldenebony” due to its stripes ranging from gray to yellow.

Macassar Ebony is found in the most southern part of India and is not t is as rare as its African relative.

– Characteristics and application of natural Ebony Macassar leaf

For Example, the use of leaf of 100% natural wood, allows presentations of solutions of high aesthetic quality, with great economy of natural resources.
Handling done manually, with careful application of the sheet on a polished solid wood surface, so as not to lose the symmetry of the veins.
Gluing made with appropriate glue, after a properly cleaned surface, special glues should be applied to apply the natural sheet according to the intended design. Artisanal operation of careful application of the leaf, with the veins with the desired angle.

Given the fact that it is natural wood, from batch to batch there may be a difference in the shade of the wood, which requires the utmost attention in the selection of the sheet to be applied in the piece or in the set of pieces for a project.

Sanding operation is necessary in order to clean the decorative surface and wrinkle to allow a matte and shiny finish.
Choosing the option of finishing in high gloss, with a transparent polyester-based finish, it is used when it is desired to obtain the maximum body in the finishing process.

This process will allow to cover the pore in very open pore woods, it allows to highlight the details of the wood, in exotic woods (it works as a lens), it guarantees a good chemical and physical resistance and the maximum brightness.

OPR  HOUSE adds  values ​​ to the product we present to the customer, due to its unique design and ancestral form of manufacture, together with the use of noble materials like Ebony Macassar


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