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  • Sarono Sideboard

    SIDEBOARD W:210 H:80 D:55
    COLORS: Gold Leaf, Silver leaf, Ebony wood makassar, high glossy lacquer black

    The Sarono´s Sideboard it´s a unique piece, designed by OPR, solid wood structure,. The gold and silver foil along with high gloss black lacquered ebony and wood adds to the luxury and exclusivity of a unique product.


  • Columbus Sideboard

    W: 240 cm x D: 55 cm x H: 80 cm

    Columbus Sideboard – Made with Walnut Root, Polished Brass details, High Glossy Black and Sides with round Shape, with 4 Hidden Drawers and Shelves inside.

    The COLUMBUS SIDEBOARD is a unique Piece of Design for a Luxury Home Decor.

    Imponent, Luxurious and Sophisticated, the COLUMBUS SIDEBOARD can be customized, according to the client or the Project, in terms of dimension, materials or finishes.

    Possibilty to have the Columbus Sideboard, with just one colour (high glossy) or with TOP with Walnut Root (or Ebony Makassar or Iron Wood)

  • Imperial Sideboard

    W:244 H:80 D:55
    MIRROR W:93 H:139 D:3

    Structure in solid wood and black lacquered high gloss.

    This sideboard has four disguised doors, six shelves, velvet cutlery drawer and amazing Italian marble on the top.

    The gold leaf in the structure adds intemporal luxury status to this magnific piece.

    It´s not just a sideboard… It´s art deco.

  • Memphis Sideboard

    W: 210 cm x D: 55 cm x H: 80 cm

    Using the Finest and Noble materials with a unique Design with Art Deco Inspiration.

    OPR HOUSE has created A unique Timeless Piece of Art that will enrich your Home Decor

    With a Standard Width of 2.10 m – the Memphis Sideboard has unique design

    Using Ebony Makassar and a Special Metallic Lacquered Blue, together with handcrafted Polished Brass.