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  • Ambassador Sofa

    W:232H:72 D:95

    Materials : Bronze leaf (or other), Glossy Ebony Makassar wood (or other), fabrics – Velvet (kmarva cooper) or other

    New Ambassador Sofa, born with a unique and comfortable design, this sofa is made with a Bronze leaf on the bottom, glossy Ebony Makassar on the back and Kmarva Cooper Velvet, a unique piece of Design and good taste, by OPR The Luxury House.


  • Bateau Sofa

    W:210 H:105 D:100

    Materials : gold leaf, Silver or cooper, fabrics – Italian Velvet or other

    Bateau sofá in velvet with gold leaf silver or copper, exclusive design by OPR the luxury house, a comfortable SOFA, with the best raw materials and handmade production.


  • Degradé Sofa

    W: 210 cm x D: 100 cm x H: 90 cm

    A perfect set with DEGRADÉ ARMCHAIR

    With an elegant Design, the DEGRADÉ detail, on the sides and back,

    A gold leaf base all around, using the best Italian velvets, this 3 seats sofa it´s a piece of Design and Confort .

    With an Exclusive Design with ART DECO Inspiration.

  • Sofa Conquer

    The Newest Conquer Sofa, it’s a unique outstanding Sofa, with Exclusive OPR Design, with luxury details. Using the best velvet, or other fabric, Ebony Makassar wood.


  • Shell Sofa

    W:205 H:75 D:90

    Created to be a pleasure to the eyes and to the body, Shell Sofa is made with top class Velvet, triple layer foam and wood structure.

    The details of the handmade upholstery and the gold leaf at the bottom, takes this exclusive seating to the next level.

    Its not just beautiful, it´s cozy, it´s confortable.