Ambassador Sofa

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W:232H:72 D:95

Materials : Bronze leaf (or other), Glossy Ebony Makassar wood (or other), fabrics – Velvet (kmarva cooper) or other

New Ambassador Sofa, born with a unique and comfortable design, this sofa is made with a Bronze leaf on the bottom, glossy Ebony Makassar on the back and Kmarva Cooper Velvet, a unique piece of Design and good taste, by OPR The Luxury House.


Ambassador Sofa

New Ambassador Sofa was born with a unique and comfortable design.

Made with a bronze foil at the bottom, bright Makassar (or other) ebony wood, fabrics – velvet (kmarva cooper) or other.


Note: A product with the possibility of personalization.

Choose your favorite finishes and materials, wood and fabrics.

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