Majestic Dining Room

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DINING ROOM W:240 H:120 D:77
CHAIR: W:60 H:102 D:83

It´s not just because it´s elliptical.

It´s not just because it uses Italian marble and gold leaf.

It´s not because is unique and the design is a symmetric symphony from the bottom to the top… It´s because is art and creating singular pieces like this takes years and years of experience and expertise.

This dining table is made with solid wood, Italian marble, gold leaf and lacquered high gloss all over it.

The dining chair is combined with top class velvet, solid wood structure and gold details.

It´s for the family. It´s to share.

Majestic Dining Room
Majestic Dining Room, a table made of solid wood, Italian wood, gold leaf and high gloss lacquered throughout.

A dining chair manufactured with top quality, solid wood frame and gold accents.

Note: A product with the possibility of personalization.

Choose your favorite finishes and materials, wood and marble.


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