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Sofa Conquer

Sofa Conquer


W: 240 cm x D: 100 cm x H: 80 cm

The Newest Conquer Sofa, it’s a unique outstanding Sofa, with Exclusive OPR Design, with luxury details. Using the best velvet, or other fabric, Ebony Makassar wood, on the front, base (back and sides) and polished brass frames on the base and front.
It can have other dimensions, materials or finishes, with a quote.
In terms of wood, from the Ebony Makassar till the ironwood, cherry wood, walnut or other.
In terms of metals, from the polished, brushed, old or red brass, till the bronze or stainless steel.
For unique clients, unique pieces, with Art deco taste.


Note: A product with the possibility of personalization.

Choose your favorite finishes and materials, wood and others.