The ECLECTIC Style in Decoration

The ECLECTIC Style in Decoration

Eclectic decor is ideal for those who like a different interior design, which highlights different periods and movements, rich in passionate details.

Eclectic style is above  all about harmony and the combination of different styles, combining textures and contrasting colors to create a unique decor.

The word “eclectic” has a Greek origin, from the word eklektikos, which means “to choose the best”.

Although the term is generally used by philosophy, the concept also became part of architecture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The idea was to transgress these architectural movements, such as neoclassicism, gothic or byzantine, In Conclusion,  the architects started to select the best element of each of the available styles to create a totally new, unique and special look.

Eclectic Style In Furniture 

Eclectic style is all about harmony and the coming together of disparate styles and materials, combining textures, colors and materials. And since eclectic interior design is all about experimentation and play, do have fun with the freedom it allows.

Eclectic style in furniture and Decoration, reflects confidence, style and Personality.

Following this harmonic Philosophy of combination of materials, textures and colors OPR HOUSE combines to a unique Design, creating a uniqueness range of furniture.

Always with a straight relation between Designess and Craftman to add value to OPR HOUSE´s Furniture.

On the Article´s  Image, an Unique Eclectic Living Room Ambience, with  ShellSofa, Trivial Coffee table, Buffon Pouf and the Emporio Armchair



Just for unique People who deserves the best

Dare to be unique



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