The New ADONIS Dining Table By OPR HOUSE

The New ADONIS Dining Table By OPR HOUSE



Since Greek Mythology, ADONIS is a Symbol of Beauty and Style, beloved   by the Godness Aphrodite.
Inspired on this Mythology, OPR House´s Goal is to create Unique and Timeless Furniture.
Using the Finest Materials and Ancestral craftmanship techniques, with a unique and exclusive Design inspired in ART DECO Style, OPR HOUSE, features the Luxurious:


With a Rectangular Shape and curved Edges, ADONIS Table has an Exclusive Design BY OPR HOUSE.

  • Using The Ebony Makassar, with details in Polished Brass around the TOP and Feet Structure, matching with a Special Vision Color in  Glossy Laquered

With and Amazing Design on the Top of the Table, and a feet structure with a unique shape, just within reach of some …. to create such a unique product.

OPR HOUSE – Dare to be unique

The New ADONIS Dining Table by OPR HOUSE

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