OPR House is keeping the inspiration .

With a an Art Deco Taste, we did create the COLUMBUS SIDEBOARD

Made with Walnut RootPolished Brass detailsHigh Glossy Black and Sides with round Shape, with 4 Hidden Drawers and Shelves inside.

The COLUMBUS SIDEBOARD is a unique Piece of Design for a Luxury Home Decor

Imponent, Luxurious and  Sophisticated, the COLUMBUS SIDEBOARD  can be customized, according to the client or the Project, in terms of dimension, materials or finishes



OPR House´s  goal, is to create special products, using ancestral craftsmanship techniques and a unique Design

Since the beginning of mankind that man has the need to create objects that complete him, applying ancestors handmade techniques and combining them with better design. As a consequence of this philosophy comes up a collection of elegant and sophisticated pieces, exclusive objects and noble materials, which give each atmosphere a feeling of wellness and luminosity.


OPR HOUSE´S collection, aims to create seductive environments where the details catches people’s attention.

OPR House, a brand dedicated to creating unique design pieces exclusively for luxurious spaces. By combining our vast experience and resources, we are able to provide highquality furniture for the most exquisite ambiences.

The happiness and pleasure of enjoying your home is the main reason for OPR & OPR Home existence and continuous evolution.

We design and produce original pieces by combining different high-quality materials, using innovative design, combining handmade techniques and technology, always with our client’s comfort in mind.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality furniture for the most refined spaces, to those sophisticated, eclectic and demanding clients that deserve only the best.

We are the new brand of OPR, a Portuguese furniture manufacturer since 1982.

OPR House is brand specialised in luxury furniture and accessories, based in the north of Portugal.

Timeless pieces for a refined luxury Home Decor.

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