The Trend of copper in  the Luxury Furniture

The Trend of copper in the Luxury Furniture

Interior design with copper

Copper offers designers a wealth of mechanical and aesthetic qualities that have made it a mainstay of interior design and creative innovation for centuries.

Endless possibilities  

Copper is an excellent material for interior design and the creation of home accessories. It offers endless possibilities for working, either in its pure state or through its alloys such as brass and bronze. Highly malleable, ductile and durable, it provides an appealing chromatic look, thanks to its wide palette ranging from red to brown to green: with gold, it is the unique coloured metal.Its strong identity and multi-millennial tradition are added to its aesthetic and technical potential; so architects and contemporary designers like it and create avant-garde items.

In addition, copper is 100% recyclable and highly durable, so its use completely meets the requirements of eco-compatibility, nowadays a key issue in the choice of environmental- and health-friendly materials.

Copper home decor items such as table tops, room decorations, art, chairs, frames, lamps, handles, wall radiators, curtains, plates, taps, heaters, pots and kitchen design components… The beauty of copper accessories is exploited for many items of furniture already present in homes.

A greener, healthier and more sustainable future relies on the use of copper

When it comes to sustainable development, the production of copper is an important part of t

he story, but  it represents only one chapter in a much larger book.

The additional chapters show unequivocally how copper is

 making a positive impact on sustainable development. Through the programmes of the European Copper Institute and the Copper Alliance, the copper industry is making a positive impact on areas of critical societal concern, such as energy efficiency and security, climate change mitigation, public health, food supply, green building and more.

Climate Action

On average, less than five tonnes of CO2 are emitted to produce one tonne of copper. However, because of copper’s inherent high efficiency in conductive applications,

between 100 and 7,500 tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced—a mitigation factor of up to 1,500 to one. By 2030, copper could reduce the world’s carbon footprint by 16%.

Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals, the copper industry in Europe is also making an important contribution to the broader economic, social and environmental sustainability of the EU.

Information from European Copper Institute (


OPR HOUSE and Copper

The Copper is one of the finishes used by OPR  HOUSE in its collection of Luxury Furniture.

Copper brings to OPR HOUSE collection, personality, luxury and Inovation together with an Exclusive Design.

The passion and handcrafted techniques make the perfect connection between wood and copper. OPR HOUSE´s biggest concern is to keep the ancestral tradition of  the Portuguese artisans and to contribute for a sustainable future.
The Tradition of the Past, with the concern of the future, manufacturing exclusive pieces of Furniture.

The perfect connection of Ebony Makassar, iron and copper is the wonderful COSMOS BAR TABLE by OPR HOUSE 

Designed and Handacrafted by OPR HOUSE, the TRIUMPH COFFEE TABLE, is other example of a piece with copper details.

Garibaldi bar Chair by OPR HOUSE, is the result of the perfect harmony of wood, cooper and velvet, it´s a unique Bar Stool.




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