The Trend of Metals in Luxury Furniture –  Talking about  Brass

The Trend of Metals in Luxury Furniture – Talking about Brass

Metals are present in diverse furniture with very assumed structures, which, due to their characteristics,
frees the piece of furniture from dense structures, enabling the appearance of pieces with a clean design that
they easily fit into all kinds of spaces.

In furniture and even in lighting, you can see a clear presence of these materials in the coating of the
pieces or in small details.
In terms of coatings, several materials have emerged with metallic finishes, such as wallpapers,
ceramics, metal plates, among others, which enable the creation of outstanding elements in a room.
In both aspects, we see how this material can have different finishes, which shows its versatility and
malleability, being able to adapt to all kinds of hypotheses.

OPR HOUSE in order to follow the market trends in luxury furniture, it should follow the
this trend, combining bold Design, with organic inspirations, and inspired by Art Deco and Modern styles,
creating differentiating pieces and with the details of metals, in order to increase the value of the piece.

Metals appear in various ways in decoration, but always giving an air of sophistication and personality
to the ambience.

They are still associated with feelings of nobility and therefore the elegance of a place, perhaps
because they are still related to a high cost in the decoration budget.
Metals can emerge in any environment and in different ways, whether more discreetly on objects or even
more ostensibly in coverings, and they always stand out in the decor for their design or shine,
calling the attention of those who enter the ambiece.

The Brass

Brass is a type of metallic alloy perfect to be used in some parts, components and other things.
There are the main characteristics of brass in relation to other metals and metallic alloys.
In general, metals and metallic alloys, such as brass, are evaluated through some properties :

Malleability, ductibility, Conductivity, brightness

Some of the Selecion of OPR HOUSE for brass finishes:

  • Polished Brass Finish

After molding the piece to be used in the furniture.
To obtain the polished brass, it is a manual process of polishing, using special high brushes
rotation and polishing paste that allows a first finish, removing scratches or slight imperfections
superficial defects, or will serve to highlight major defects that must be corrected through the wear of the material

It is a manual process of work and visual inspection. After that, the piece is ready to be polished
(where it will gain the shine) through another polishing operation, but with another kind of more sensitive brush,
also a high rotation and with the use of special polishing pastes.

  • Old Brass Finish

The finishes have these names because they convey an aged look to the piece. With the copper base,
brass or silver, they are indicated for pieces that need to highlight the high and low relief, or that need
look old.
Initially manually brushed until reaching the right point, to enter the finish where the piece is submitted
to the chemical process of finishing and consequent protection

  • Brushed Brass Finish

In the preparation of surfaces, physical, chemical and electrolytic, or mixed methods are used to achieve
achieve the characteristics suitable for the success of superior treatments.

To give the brass a brushed appearance, a sanding operation is performed creating a pattern of very fine lines,
vertically or horizontally. Many products are then sealed with a protective coating (varnish or lacquer) to
avoid wear and tear. However, no finish lasts forever and eventually the brushed finish
may be damaged, attention should be paid to the strength of the protective finish.


(Details of Proenza coffee table, Conquer Sofa and Sautoir Side Table

Some Examples of OPR HOUSE collection using brass, with a perfect combination of noble materials adding value to  this unique furniture.

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