Trend of Velvet on the Luxury decoration

Trend of Velvet on the Luxury decoration

Velvet is always a trend in Luxury Decoration.

Armchairs with velvet upholstery and velvet ottomans or cushions are excellent options to make your home more elegant and trendy.

  •  History / Symbolism

If we can elevate both people and “things” to the level of kings and queens because of their importance, influence, nobility, style, quality, and a bunch of other desirable adjectives, you could say that in the fabric category, or velvet is really the King.
Velvet is a fabric that was, is, and will be present in fashion and interior decoration, always.
Sometimes it’s used more, then, like every fashion cycle, it stays in the shade for a while, but it always reappears!

And it is no less; velvet is a very special fabric, both in terms of its manufacturing technique and its appearance and texture.

Velvet is a tightly closed weft of densely woven threads that go up a base, which makes its inside out smooth, and the side of use has as piles, those little hairs, which are fixed in the warp, and reminding a “mini carpet ”Soft texture and pleasant to the touch.


Its manufacture is a process that requires extreme skill from the artisan, before the advent of the textile machine.
Velvet appeared in India in the Middle Ages (approximately 11th century), began to be produced in Italy in the 12th century (Venice, Genoa, Luca, Florence). Genoa velvet could have two heights of piles getting high and very soft, very durable; that’s why Italian velvet has become so famous to this day.
From the 17th century onwards, France also started to produce velvet, which is a material that fits perfectly with all the luxury and profusion of the Baroque, when presented in highly decorated motifs, with medallions and reliefs.
In the nineteenth century, velvets were widely used in curtains, table covers, upholstery, and made the environments even more austere.

Requiring its sophisticated appearance, it has always been a luxury item of families belonging to the wealthy classes, who, together with the ostentation of jewels and the exaggeration of the medallions worn by the lords, also displayed wealth through the clothes and coverings of the houses. velvets, along with silks and brocades.

These days

It is back in vogue these days , particularly in the luxury furniture and upholstery market, more evident in international markets,Where  OPR HOUSE works. In addition to the trend, the Art Deco style, which is one of the inspirations of OPR HOUSE , has velvet as one of its luxurious emelems. So for us,  velvet will be a key in our  upholstered Products.


With a natural or synthetic base, it can be made in rayon, cotton, acetate, nylon, wool scraps and fiber mixtures, among others.
Known in Europe since the Middle Ages, velvet has a narrow weave, which produces a soft-touch texture. In the 19th century, it was sometimes made of silk, normally used to produce dresses and coats, while in the 20th century it was often used for party clothes.


Some examples of Velvets that can be used:


  • Designers Velvet :

The use of designer fabrics, in this case velvet, presents, in addition to a value attributed to the product, a fusion of innovative colors and textures and a design inspired by the catwalks.
A luxury´s  sofa customer  wants something with added value, something exclusive that makes the  difference.
The bet on the Harlequin brand, as one of the possibilities of velvets to be used. It reflects the sofa’s luxury and exclusivity.
The word Harlequim means “various colors or decorations”, which perfectly sums up the eclectic design essence of these Italian velvets, with unique colors and gold inserts in the fabrics of some collections.

An Example of the use of this type of velvet is the Degradé Armchair of OPR HOUSE´s Collection.


  • Plain Velvet – Plain Colors

It is a smooth 100% cotton velvet that completes the velvet collection. The vertical orientation makes it soft to the touch and gives it an elegant and refined appearance, of Italian origin, this type of velvet gives a noble and refined touch to the Sofa.

DECOBEL  is a selected  brand by  OPR HOUSE, with the highest quality, this collection has a range of colors available for the customer’s selection.

An Example of the use of this type of velvet is the CONQUER Sofa of OPR HOUSE´s Collection.


  • Viscose Velvet – Sanderson

Viscose is an artificial cellulose fiber, made from wood chips from low-resin trees or from cottonseed linter. A cellulosic paste is formed which, by extrusion in spinnerets and with the contact of other solutions, the fiber is made. In 1905 Courtauld’s began producing viscose rayon.
Sanderson’s Sumptuous Viscose Velvet, Icaria, with a subtle tree bark pattern that creates a luxurious, textural quality that’s perfect for durable upholstery, and glamorous. These features highlight the luxury of a Sofa, Therefore is an excellent solution for a customer who wants something unique and luxurious.

An Example of the use of this type of velvet is the DEGRADE SOFA  of OPR HOUSE´s Collection.


In Conclusion… Get Inspired….and be unique





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